Morning bad breath will no longer be your problem if you follow this

Morning bad breath is medically known as Halitosis, considered unpleasant state

By Web Desk
April 06, 2024
Morning bad breath contains lots of bacteria. — Unsplash/File

Morning breath is a terrible way to start the day, and it gets worse if you experience it on a daily basis.

Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, can be brought on by a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are a few methods to fight off this unpleasant state.


Dr Ferakh Hamid, of Aesthetique Dental Care, told The Sun: "Bad breath, or halitosis, isn't just about what we eat. It’s often caused by poor oral hygiene — when food particles linger, bacteria build up into plaque, leading to bad breath."

"It can also signal more serious dental issues like cavities or gum disease," he added.

Your mouth drying out overnight is also one of the reasons you get bad breath in the morning.

Dr Safia Debar, GP Executive Health at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London, told The Sun: "Dry mouth can result from reduced saliva flow. Saliva helps neutralise acids, bacteria and maintain a healthy pH. If we have less saliva or if it doesn’t do its job then bacteria can multiply and produce bad-smelling compounds."

Additionally, your diet also plays a big role in bad breath.

"Garlic is another food known to cause bad breath, and it can be smelled from our mouth and skin. Dairy products, a lesser-known cause of bad breath, feed the naturally occurring bacteria on your tongue which produce foul odours," she said.

"Poor dental hygiene means build-up of plaque, persistence of food particles between the teeth, and tongue coating which essentially changes the bacterial environment of the mouth," she added.

Disclaimer: This may not work for everyone. Consult your doctor before trying this out.