Only one glass of wine can increase heart diseases in women

Heart disease is 68% more common in women who binge drank

By Web Desk
March 29, 2024
Dear women: Even one glass of wine can increase heart diseases for you. — Unsplash/File

Young women who drink a little more than one glass of wine every day are substantially more likely to acquire heart disease, as per a recent study.

Over the course of four years, researchers in California examined the drinking patterns of 430,000 adults, according to Cosmopolitan.


Exact 3,108 people had heart disease throughout that time, which increases the risk of heart attacks, angina, and strokes.

According to the research, women were disproportionately affected by heart disease diagnoses, and the likelihood of receiving a diagnosis increased with alcohol consumption. According to the study's investigators, alcohol raises blood pressure, which even in younger persons induces inflammation.

The individuals were divided into three groups according to how much alcohol they drank. One or two drinks per week was the low. For men, moderate meant three to fourteen drinks per week, and for women, three to seven drinks per week. For men, high drinking was defined as 15 drinks or more per week, and for women, it was eight drinks or more.

Even after controlling for age, women who drank heavily were 45% more likely to develop heart disease than those who drank less. In the meantime, binge drinking also had a large effect as heart disease was 68% more common in women who binge drank.