VIDEO: Japanese student builds flying bicycle powered by pedalling

Fusha Sakai from Japan's Osaka Public University has created a unique aircraft bicycle named Tsurugi

By Web Desk
March 05, 2024
A screengrab of a flying bicycle made by university student Fusha Sakai. — Youtube/NARGAL

Students from Japan's Osaka Public University have created a unique aircraft bicycle named Tsurugi, demonstrating extraordinary invention and engineering, Super Car Blondie reported.

It is a flying bicycle that flies when pedalled.


Led by Fusha Sakai under the Sakai Windmill Association, the invention is a significant milestonein the pursuit of eco-friendly and sustainable aviation technologies.

The bicycle, equipped with wings and a large fan for propulsion, is powered by pedalling. The first successful test flight was conducted at Nanki Shirahama Airport's retired runway.

In the video posted online, a person can be seen pedalling away in the air, covering a flight distance of 9 kilometres. The video has since then exploded on the internet when people celebrate its success.

Sakai Windmill Association is a student-led group dedicated to constructing and flying human-powered aeroplanes at the university. Since its formation in 1994, they have participated in over 20 flights, securing victory six times across two categories.

It showcases the passion and skill of students committed to pushing the boundaries of human-powered flight.

The Tsurugi project has captured people's attention throughout the world. Although the physical strain of constant pedalling has drawn criticism, the accomplishment of prolonged human-powered flight creates new opportunities for study, innovation, and the advancement of transportation in the future.