KCFR calls for urgent need to deal with women’s health issues

By Our Correspondent
March 05, 2024
Representational image of a lady doctor. — Unsplash.

The Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR) called for an urgent need to deal with the pressing health issues faced by women. It organized a conference at local hotel on health care awareness for women in Pakistan to celebrate International Women’s Day, with the theme of “Empowering Women, Ensuring Health”.


The conference discussed issues from maternal health to reproductive rights and suggested that access to healthcare remains a significant challenge for many women across the country. The event featured a series of engaging sessions led by prominent experts and stakeholders in the field of women’s health.

Health experts Dr Zeenat Essani, Musarat Misbah, Dr Tipu Sultan, Dr Khalid Shafi, Dr Madiha Latif and others shared their insights and expertise on various aspects of women’s healthcare in Pakistan. They spoke about maternal health, access to reproductive healthcare, healthcare infrastructure, mental health issues and the advancements in medical technologies.

Expert panellists from the healthcare sector, academia, and civil society explored innovative strategies and best practices for advancing women’s health in Pakistan. The conference had a dedicated session for mapping existing resources and identifying gaps in healthcare infrastructure, with the goal of informing future policy decisions and meeting the rising demand of healthcare workers internationally.

Chairperson KCFR Nadira Panjwani said that women worldwide renew their resolve to challenge the societal and systemic barriers that perpetuate discrimination against them. They continue their struggle for equal opportunities in education, employment and leadership roles for a more equitable world. She paid tribute to the remarkable contribution of the women of Pakistan in all spheres of life.