Dr Adib Rizvi never issued medical advisory against tea in hotels: SIUT

By News Desk
March 05, 2024
The founding director of the SIUT, Dr Adib Rizvi addresses an event in this image released on January 8, 2020. — Facebook/Dr. Adeeb ul Hassan Rizvi

Time and again this has been observed that some fictitious, unfounded, and baseless medical advisory is circulated in social media for public consumption attributed to Professor Adib Rizvi on a variety of kidney-related medical issues.


The SIUT has clarified in the past and once again reiterates that Professor Rizvi, who is the founding director of the SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) and an internationally recognized kidney specialist, never issues such baseless and totally nonscientific advisory messages for the public at large.

In a recent case, a baseless medical advisory attributed to Professor Rizvi is being circulated in social media asking the people to refrain from consuming tea which is served in hotels, on the ground that milk used in tea is contaminated with certain chemicals which is injurious to the human body and leads to kidney failure.

The public at large is again hereby informed that no such advisory has been issued by Dr Adib Rizvi or his hospital on this subject, says a statement issued by the institute.

The SIUT and Dr Rizvi both reserve the right to take legal action against those forums that are spreading such false advisory with their ulterior and commercial motives.