NLC facilitates Chinese containers’ movement

By Our Correspondent
March 05, 2024
The National Logistics Corporation (NLC) container can be seen. — TPMM Website

Rawalpindi: Amidst heavy snowfall and inclement weather conditions, the National Logistics Corporation (NLC) facilitated the movement of Chinese containers from Khunjerab to the Sost Dry Port in Gilgit-Baltistan, says a press release.


These containers, laden with agricultural machinery, are on transit to Bahwalpur. According to details, a convoy of 27 Chinese vehicles entered the Khunjerab Pass from China. Of these, 7 vehicles arrived at the Sost Dry Port on Saturday, while the remaining 19 completed the journey on Sunday. However, one vehicle encountered a mishap, slipping off the road amidst the snowfall.

A team of NLC equipped with recovery machines is set to rescue the stranded vehicle on Tuesday. Once clearance procedures are finalised, the convoy will proceed towards its final destination.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the NLC Sost Dry Port is situated adjacent to one of the highest border crossing points near Khunjerab. This facility plays a crucial role in streamlining cross-border trade between the two friendly countries.