King Charles could surprise fans with major announcement

Palace mulls giving major responsibilities to 'Women without royal blood'

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024

King Charles III is expected to make major announcement about his future plans amid ongoing royal health crisis.

The 75-year-old monarch could give major responsibilities to 'women without royal blood' in an unprecedented move to ease burden.


Buckingham Palace is said to be considering plans to allow the Queen and the Princess of Wales to be the first non-bloodline royals to hand out honours with an aim to ease the burden on the slimmed-down monarchy.

"This is absolutely fascinating. For the first time, they might allow women who do not have royal blood to give the honours," said Angela Levin:

"That's the knighthood and the rest of it. Camilla and Kate, once she's better, they're thinking about letting them do that. That will ease the pressure for the King, William and for Princess Anne. But also they deserve it," added the royal author while speaking to GB News,

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Webster, host of the show, added: "It makes sense, doesn't it? I think if you're able to be The Queen of the country, you should be able to bestow honours."

Levin responded as saying: "I think it's very interesting that they've been so keen of royal blood, that's all that matters. But now they're realizing that actually, it's sensible to have people who do a lot of work and don't mind doing the honours."

"I can imagine that people who come, it's always an excitement, but they'll be equally delighted that Camilla does it. They'll be thrilled to bits if Catherine gives them honours."

It emerges amid royal health woes as the King has taken a step back from royal duties because he has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. The Princess of Wales has also out of action since her abdominal procedure.

Only bloodline royals are able hand out the honours, meaning those capable of carrying out the task is limited to the King, the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne.