Prince William learns from King Charles' mistakes

Prince William does not feel threatened by Princess Kate's popularity

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
Prince William feels proud when people laud and shower praise on Kate Middleton

Prince William will never ditch his wife Kate Middleton as he feels proud when people laud and shower praise on the Princess.

The Prince of Wales, who's said to be learning from his father King Charles's mistakes, is not jealous of Kate's popularity.


A royal expert has praised William for not feeling threatened by Kate's fame.

The expert went on saying that this presents a stark difference to William's parents, Charles and Diana, whose relationship was allegedly often plagued by envy.

Jennie Bond, former royal correspondent for the BBC, explained how differently the heir to the throne has managed to approach his wife's star power.

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"William deserves a great deal of credit because he has never appeared jealous of the attention that his wife gets. He has gently introduced her into what life would be like and has let her shine and constantly demonstrates that he's hugely proud of her," Bond told OK!.

Bond claimed: "William allows her centre stage without quibble. They are an incredibly strong couple, which gives her a great deal of confidence."

"William has always been careful to guide, support and encourage Kate in all that she has done. He has never shown any sign of being jealous of all the attention his wife gets. He is immensely proud of her. But Charles found Di-mania hard to handle," said the expert.