Much-needed pipeline

By News Desk
March 04, 2024

Pakistan is grappling with numerous crises, with economic instability taking centre stage. The burden of IMF loans and their associated demands has disproportionately affected the middle classes, manifesting in escalating petrol prices, gas shortages, and soaring electricity bills. However, amidst this challenging backdrop, a ray of hope emerged on February 23, when the government greenlit the construction of an 80 kilometre section of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, defying potential penalties and heralding a promising era for the nation.


The pipeline promises a multitude of benefits for Pakistan, addressing critical issues such as the gas shortage and paving the way for sustainable development. Beyond economic benefits, the pipeline project can also generate employment opportunities, fostering regional development and prosperity. The government must now take a resolute stand, emphasizing the project’s significance for the Pakistani people.

Syed Oun Abbas