Stop the mob

By News Desk
March 04, 2024

The incident at Ichhra Bazaar in Lahore was a troubling reminder of the levels of ignorance and intolerance in the country. A woman wearing clothing with Arabic script printed on it was hounded by an angry mob. Successive governments have prioritized their own agendas over the welfare of the people, leaving the fate of the country to chance. Pakistan has already failed on multiple fronts – economically, politically, morally, and internationally.


It is high time to break free from the shackles of the policies that have weakened the country. We must take steps to address illiteracy, intolerance, and mismanagement. Only by embracing change can we hope to improve our situation and avoid becoming prisoners to our own shortcomings on the global stage.

Touseef A Bouk



The Ichhra Bazaar incident in Lahore was truly horrifying. A lady, who was wearing a dress with Arabic script printed on it was hounded by a mob. Before the poor lady could be harmed by the mob, a brave female police officer arrived at the scene. After placating the mob, the officer accompanied the poor lady to safety.

The bravery and presence of mind of the lady police officer has to be acknowledged. But the extremism and intolerance which has pervaded our society is a matter of great concern. The role of our state and government in indirectly fuelling this phenomenon cannot be underestimated. One would like to know if any action against the mob is being considered by law enforcement. Unless strict action is taken against such vigilantism, incidents like the lynching of Mashal Khan and the killing of the Siri Lankan factory manager will be repeated.

Akbar Jan Marwat