Inside the world of 'Spaceman' starring Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler takes on a space adventure with a mysterious creature by his side

By Web Desk
March 03, 2024
Adam Sandler and Paul Dano's new movie Spaceman is streaming on Netflix

In Spaceman, Adam Sandler essays the role of Jakub, a Czech astronaut on a mission, who thinks he is alone until he encounters a spider-like creature called Hanuš.

Paul Dano lent his voice to the space creature in the sci-fi adventure, streaming on Netflix from March 1.


The film revolves around Jakub as he grappled to cope with being away from his wife Lenka – played by Carey Mulligan – during a prolonged mission across the solar system.

Later, he meets Hanuš, who claims to have travelled from the onset of time across the universe.

Initially, Jakub finds the creature, who referred to him as a "skinny human" throughout the film, intimidating however, over time, the two develop a friendship.

Dano’s peculiar character is portrayed to be intrigued by the astronauts’ plight and curiousity towards the overall life of a human.

The alien even offered help to Jakub to walk through his emotional commotion in the wake of his marital woes.

Moreover, Jakub is the one who named the creature Hanuš after the spacial species admitted it never had a moniker.

Sandler and Dano's new movie is based on the 2017 novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Czech author Jaroslav Kalfař.