‘Distraught’ Geri Halliwell puts up united front with Christian Horner

Geri Halliwell ‘struggling with humiliation’ after husband Christian Horner’s leaked messages

By Web Desk
March 03, 2024
‘Distraught’ Geri Halliwell put up united front with Christian Horner

Geri Halliwell had to put up a united front with her husband, Christian Horner, following his leaked inappropriate messages to a female colleague.

The former Spice Girl had flown out to Bahrain after she was “urged” by his to have his back during the scandal on Friday.


Halliwell, was seen walking hand-in-hand with Horner, appeared to have an empty smile, red eyes and wore a red string bracelet as she attempted to show a united show to the world.

She also kissed her F1 pro spouse, whom she married in 2015 and shares a seven-year-old son Monty, in full-view and was even seen deliberating looking at the cameras afterwards, via Daily Mail.

Halliwell’s marriage has come under strain after Horner was accused of “inappropriate behaviour” last month. As soon as that incident was settled, some flirty messages were leaked which Horner had sent to another female coworker.

The former Ginger Spice is “struggling badly with humiliation,” a friend told Daily Mail. However, she is trying to put off any speculations about her marriage.

Moreover, about the string bracelet, another pal shared that she wears it to ward off any “evil and misfortune” that could be “caused by the evil eye.”

Previously, another source told The Mirror that Halliwell is “distraught and humiliated,” and she was “adamant” to not be in Bahrain.

It remains to be seen how Halliwell navigates the new revelation.