Economy at stake

Politicians should think of Pakistan instead of fanning hatred towards each other

By Mansoor Ahmad
March 03, 2024
(From left to right) Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani speaks whereas PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif, PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat, PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and MQM-P convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui sit during a presser. — Facebook/Mian Shehbaz Sharif

LAHORE: Uncertainty is the last thing that Pakistan needs, but post-election uncertainty is more potent and extremely dangerous for the country fighting for economic survival.


Our political leaders are washing dirty linen in public. If you see someone who washes their dirty linen in public, you must disapprove of their discussing or arguing about unpleasant or private things in front of other people. Our norms disapprove of discussing or arguing about unpleasant or private things in front of other people, but we have no regard for our norms, national dignity or self-respect. Since 2013, we have witnessed complaints about the sanctity of elections.

There were sit-ins, strikes and court battles, but everything was decided within the country. It also happened in the 2018 elections, but the recent elections were the dirtiest in our history as the fight has gone outside the country.

One party has written a letter to the IMF to demand an audit of the recent elections. This was done without exhausting the legal options available to the party in the country. We have already handed over our economic sovereignty to the IMF and it seems that now we want the IMF to take over the remaining independence that the country enjoys.

It is inconceivable that political leaders are not prepared to sit together to resolve national issues. At least the elected representatives could sit for the resolution of economic issues. You cannot insult the wisdom of the electorate by declaring elected representatives as thieves or corrupt.

This is the job of courts. The accusers should approach courts with evidence to indict them. In India, the majority of the elected representatives are accused of being criminals, murderers or thugs, but they are consulted on national affairs until they are convicted by courts.

Politicians should think of Pakistan instead of fanning hatred towards each other. We all have to live in this country. If the country survives, so will we all. The antagonistic stand against each other would force whoever attains power to go for a public appeasing mode, which we cannot afford. The economy would completely collapse. Those agitating now might come to power in the future,but by that time they would inherit a more ungovernable state.

There are issues that need to be tackled on priority at the cost of further pain to the masses. No government cornered by opposing forces on any corrective decision would be able to operate. There is no rational way to verify the claims of either the opposition or the government. There is no transparency in government affairs and the opposing forces spread the news on hearsay. Whoever has strong social media connections succeeds in spreading the news, most of which is fake. Whoever is in the government should take the first step of making all government functions fully transparent. The information of every contract, deal or expense should be accessible to the general public. Then social media should be regulated prudently. Any news post should be accompanied with evidence. Those who spread false news must be punished within 15 days.

We must behave like a civilized nation and resolve our problems among ourselves instead of washing dirty linen in public.