Tump’s power woes

By News Desk
March 03, 2024

The residents of Tump, Balochistan are extremely frustrated and inconvenienced by the lack of consistent electricity in their area. The frequent power outages have disrupted daily life, affecting businesses, education, and overall quality of living for the community. The people of Tump are calling for urgent intervention from the government and local administration to address this critical issue promptly.


It is concerning to note that out of a total of 24 hours in a day, Tump only receives only around 8 hours of electricity, leading to various challenges and obstacles for the residents. The inadequate power supply not only hampers daily activities but also impacts economic growth and development in the region. It is essential for authorities to prioritize resolving the power woes in Tump to improve the living conditions and ensure a better future for its residents.

Talal Rafiq Rind