UNIQ's Sungjoo makes shocking revelation about marital status

Speculations about Sungjoo's marital status went wild after an audio message by Wenhan went viral

By Web Desk
March 02, 2024
Sungjoo makes revelation about his marital status

UNIQ's Sungjoo surprised fans as he confirmed not only his marital status but also having a son.

According to various Chinese media outlets, the K-pop star might be married and a father.


This came after his live broadcast, in which Sungjoo played an audio message from another UNIQ member Wenhan.

During the broadcast, Wenhan explicitly asked Sungjoo about his son, adding: “Is your son sleeping right now? Tell him to quickly come and hug his uncle.”

This sparked curiosity among the star’s fans as Sungjoo quickly ended the broadcast after playing the message.

There were speculations about the singer’s marital status and it quickly went viral, leaving fans awestruck.

However, on March 2, Sungjoo took to Instagram to put the rumors to rest, confirming the news. He also apologised to his fans for keeping his marital status a secret.

In the statement, the UNIQ member publicly apologised for hurting sentiments:

“Hello, this is Kim Sungjoo," he began his message. “I apologise for having recently surprised many people with the sudden news on online communities and social media, as well as for not having been able to present myself honestly."

He continued, "Although I wanted to quickly convey the news to the fans who always give me their support and love, I was unable to tell you because it was a situation where I was being cautious."

The singer and actor shared that even though he "late" to announce the news, he will "honestly walk beautifully forward into the future with my precious family as a diligent father and husband."

The South-Korean singer and actor was last seen on You Drive Me Crazy (2018) starring alongside Kim Seon-ho, Lee Yoo-Young, Park Hyo-joo, Kwon Do-woon, and Ryu Hye-rin.