Groom wears Apple Vision Pro on wedding day, attracts criticism

In their wedding photos, Jacob Wright's wife, Cambree, looked unimpressed as she held her bouquet

By Web Desk
March 02, 2024
The image shows the bride looking unimpressed as the groom wears an Apple Vision Pro on their wedding day.— X/jason,

In a funny yet questionable instance, a software engineer by profession and a tech whiz by heart, Jacob Wright, wore his Apple Vision Pro headset to his wedding held against the serene views of the Utah mountains, The Mirror reported.

In their wedding photos, Wright's wife, Cambree, looked unimpressed as she held her bouquet, while Wright appeared to be deep in thought. She said, "I try not to look because it's a little creepy, uncanny when he's in the Apple Vision Pro, I let him do his thing."


The Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset that overlays digital content onto the real world. Users control it using their voice, hands, and eyes.

Cambree said that during their photoshoot, she had to keep an eye on her husband so that he wouldn’t try to wear the headset during the ceremony itself.

Jacob had purchased the headgear just days after its release and persuaded Cambree to let him wear it during their vows.

Wright has faced intense backlash over his decision to wear the headset during his special day.

With one user commenting on X, "What's the return policy on husbands?"

While another wrote, "The divorce papers are already happening."