Coco the cat, unlikely survivor found 8 days after fire in Valencia, Spain

March 02, 2024
Chilliwack Fire Department fire prevention officer Lisa Axelson and fire investigator Peter Kuhr with a cat rescued from the laundry room in the aftermath of a huge multi-home fire on Safflower Crescent on July 11. — Chilliwack Fire Department

VALENCIA, Spain: Firefighters in the Spanish city of Valencia could hardly believe their eyes on Friday when they found a live cat huddled within the charred remains of an apartment block ravaged by a huge fire eight days ago.


Named Coco, the feline was reunited with tearful owner Andrea Rubio - who had given up all hope that her beloved pet had survived the blaze, which claimed the lives of 10 people and dozens of pets.

“My poor little thing!,” Rubio, 32, exclaimed as she embraced Coco in a video released by local police. “We found him through pure luck,” a firefighter can be heard saying in the same video.