Ambition over country

By News Desk
March 02, 2024

Imran Khan has undoubtedly been given a fairly large mandate in the recently held elections. But the PTI’s writing of a letter to the IMF, at his insistence, to endorse a probe/audit of the elections before releasing financial aid for Pakistan, is certainly not a wise move. Our general elections, however imperfect they may have been, are our internal affair and certainly do not need any probing from a financial institution. Imran should also be cognizant of the precarious economic situation our country is going through. We cannot afford such brinkmanship by Imran Khan at this delicate stage. Sadly, this is not the first time that the PTI has appeared to be trying to sabotage a loan to Pakistan from the IMF. The bottom line is that Imran Khan will not be doing any service to Pakistan or his supporters through this letter. Loyalty to the country must certainly come before personal ambition.


Akbar Jan Marwat