Invest in engineers

By News Desk
March 01, 2024

Biomedical engineering (BME) stands out as one of the most dynamic and rapidly advancing interdisciplinary fields globally. Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, BME addresses a wide array of health challenges, spanning genetic engineering, bio-nanotechnology, medical imaging, machine learning, AI, biomaterials, and electronics, among other domains. Engineers in this field operate across diverse health sectors, industries, and hospitals worldwide, driving innovation and design in medical equipment and devices.


However, it is undeniable that during periods of high inflation and economic turbulence, young professional engineers often contend with relatively low salaries. To foster fulfilling careers and sustain the vitality of the field, it is imperative for governments, healthcare sectors, and medical companies to prioritize salary increases and expand job opportunities for aspiring engineers. This proactive approach will not only attract top talent but also ensure the continued advancement of biomedical engineering for the betterment of global healthcare.

Farooque Khoso