Kate Middleton reported missing to UK police

Kate Middleton sparked suspicion due to her absence from public for over two month

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024
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Kate Middleton’s absence from public eye for the last two months continue to raise suspicions over the internal affairs of the palace.

Speculations went rife about her whereabouts as the royal family refuses to give an insight into the Princess of Wales’ health after she underwent abdominal surgery last month.


Both royal and non-royal fans joined forces on X, formerly Twitter, to pour in their guesses under the hashtag #WhereIsKateMiddleton, which shortly garnered thousands and thousands of tweets.

Many filed an official complaint to police over the unaddressed disappearance of the future Queen of England.

A satire page for Sandford Police on the social media platform urged users to stop reported Kate as a “missing person”.

“We are not interested in investigating those claims,” they quipped.

Fellow X users appeared to mistake the post as serious, with one writing: “As taxpayers, we demand to know where she is.”

“Stanford police you have to step up!!” urged another.

However, others played along with the creator of the original post. “I know it's a parody account, but this is hilarious...,” a user quote-tweeted.

“I saw her on a bike chasing a swan..I expect the full squad out and a substantial fine,” a second user joked.