Kate Hudson shares what motivates her to kickstart music career

Kate Hudson offers advice on fashion, life and music in an exclusive interview

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024
Kate Hudson shares what made her started her music career in 2024

Kate Hudson has recently shared what motivates her to kickstart her music career amid fears of rejection.

Speaking to E! News, the Almost Famous alum revealed, “Do it because you love it, not because you're expecting some sort of validation—I just got that point.”


Kate, who plans to release her new music album later this year, said, “For me, with music and songwriting, it was time.”

She admitted, “It was a great fear of mine to be rejected for my writing. You know, why put myself out there so vulnerably?”

However, the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star discussed she lived by the mantra of “don't break what's not broken”.

“Over time you realise, and as you get older, that's the very thing holding you back,” continued the 44-year-old.

Kate explained, “Taking risk is part of [what] has been a thrill for me, which is why I want to be an artist and why I've always put myself out there.”

“And I would say to the younger kids is, 'What moves you? What is the actual purpose of all this?' If it's seeking the outside, then you're going to get hurt. But if it's a drive, if it's a calling, keep going,” stated the actress.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kate also offered words of wisdom on fashion, in addition to music.

“Fashion is about individuality and expressing yourself in a very authentic way,” she noted.

Kate mentioned, “I encourage that for the younger generation. I like the idea of breaking the algorithm, not following the algorithm.”

“I think that's where a real icon emerges from those who are interested in doing what's very honest to them,” she added.