Beyoncé's 'Texas Hold 'Em' faces accusations of plagiarism over Franklin song similarities

Beyoncé's new country hit sparks controversy among fans claiming resemblance to Franklin

By Web Desk
February 29, 2024
Beyoncé faces allegations of Franklin theme song copying; writer issues statement.

Amidst growing speculation, the singer behind the theme song of the children's cartoon Franklin has responded to allegations suggesting that Beyoncé's latest country music hit bears striking similarities to the beloved TV show's melody.

Fans of the singer have pointed out resemblances between her new country track and the theme song, a popular Canadian children's series featuring the character Franklin the Turtle.


The animated show chronicles his adventures as he navigates school life and friendships within a Woodland village setting.

The recent uproar follows Beyoncé's historic achievement as the first Black woman to clinch the number one spot on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart with her song Texas Hold 'Em.

Surpassing the longstanding reign of Zach Bryan and Kacey Musgraves' hit tune I Remember Everything, which dominated the chart for an impressive 20 weeks.

On various platforms, individuals have noted similarities between the song and the melody from the children's show.