Angela Bassett on how she paved her path of success in Hollywood

Angela Bassett talks about her struggles of balancing work and family in a new interview

By Web Desk
February 28, 2024
Angela Bassett shares about her journey as a Black actress in Hollywood

Angela Bassett has recently opened up about her struggles for her successful career in Hollywood.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Angela said, “I've always been a hard worker.”


“You have to know what to say no to as well as what to say yes to. And during this time, a lot of things have been worthy of me saying yes to,” remarked the Black Panther star.

Recalling her 9-1-1 shoot days, Angela revealed she would leave her home before the sunrise and coming back from work late at night.

The actress also expressed her guilt to be away from her teenage children, saying, “I hope that what will come out of that is that they see a mama, a woman, a Black woman achieving her dreams, having success.”

“They’ll see that hard work pays off. And they’ll be about that life for themselves,” stated the 65-year-old.

Angela explained, “Growing up with a single parent and when she retired, only made $11,000 a year, it's something about growing up there and not having, where you got to fight to get it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Angela offered words of wisdom to her children on career.

“One of the things that always that I say to myself and to my kids is, ‘Find the good and praise it,” said the actress.

Angela told the outlet, “The fact that it’s happening all at the same time, it can be a little overwhelming unless you just breathe through it and remember to be grateful.”

“For all of it. For what you prayed for, what you worked for, for what you dreamed of,” she added.