'I'll literally pay and do it': Coco Gauff offers to teach tennis to Beyonce's children

"I'm hoping that she goes on tour again," Gauff shares after expressing excitement for Beyonce's upcoming album

By Web Desk
February 28, 2024
This combination of images shows US tennis pro Coco Gauff (left) and music icon Beyonce. — AFP

Tennis champion Coco Gauff recently expressed her excitement for music icon Beyoncé's upcoming country album "Act II" during a recent Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Insider podcast, Sportskeeda reported.

The 19-year-old American tennis pro raised the Auckland Savings Bank (ASB) Classic trophy after defeating Elina Svitolina in Auckland last month before reaching the semi-final of the Australian Open, where Belarus's Aryna Sabalenka knocked her out.


She also faced a second-round exit at the Qatar Open and a quarterfinal loss at the Dubai Tennis Championships.

Earlier this month, the 32-time Grammy winner announced that her new album "Act II" is set to be released next month and Gauff can't contain her excitement for her favourite artist's latest project.

Gauff revealed that while she is not a major fan of country music, she enjoys two songs from the new album "16 Carriages" and "Texas Hold ‘em".

"I'm not like a huge country person but I really loved the '16 Carriages' song. I like the 'Texas Hold 'em' too. You know, I'm still learning how to get into the country thing now," Gauff said.

A screengrab of Coco Gauff's (centre) Instagram Story showing the tennis pro sporting Beyonce merch in a selfie with her friends before attending a movie about the singer's "Renaissance" tour. — Instagram/cocogauff

"There are some country songs I do like, but '16 Carriages' is really one of them and I'm really excited that she's gonna do country and then rock and so I'm really excited for that," she added.

Gauff also expressed her love for the 42-year-old music legend revealing that she and her friends are big fans and even have a "Beyoncé group chat."

She also offered to teach tennis to Beyonce's children, Blue Ivy and Rumi.

"So, me and my friends have a Beyoncé group chat. We're huge fans. Beyoncé if you see this, I love you and maybe I can teach Rumi, Blue some tennis. I would do it and I'll literally pay and do it," Gauff said.

Gauff was spotted attending a movie about Beyonce's "Renaissance" tour with friends during the off-season.

Gauff believes in Beyonce's expertise and hopes for her to go on tour again.

"If it's Beyoncé, it's gonna be done well, it's gonna be done with incredible thought. I've heard that these songs were done like years ago during COVID-19 so I just know that this is gonna be super exciting and I'm hoping that she goes on tour again," Gauff said.