Procedure for obtaining pilots’ licence continuing: CAA

By Our Correspondent
February 28, 2024
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) building on January 11, 2024. — Facebook/Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

LAHORE: According to the regulations outlined in the CAA Act 2023, the procedure for obtaining or renewing a pilot’s licence is continuing.


The current regulations are strictly adhered to during the licence issuance or renewal process. It is an exaggeration to claim that pilots are unable to fly or that the licence issuance/renewal process has stopped. Local airlines have the authority to hire foreign pilots, as permitted by the CAA regulations. Once approved by the ministry, foreign pilots are granted a work visa and subsequently issued a validation certificate.

The PCAA-ANO rules and regulations are diligently followed, ensuring that foreign pilots’ licences are validated and renewed upon the airline’s application, said the CAA spokesperson.