Kate Winslet gets candid on being confused with Cate Blanchett

Kate Winslet shares her thoughts on being mixed up with fellow celeb Cate Blanchett

By Web Desk
February 28, 2024
Kate Winslet speaks up about being mistaken for fellow celeb Cate Blanchett

Kate Winslet gets candid about being mistaken for fellow actress Cate Blanchett.

Speaking to Access Hollywood at The Regime premiere on Monday, the Titanic star responded to a question about being mixed up with Cate.


“To be mistaken for Cate Blanchett is a huge compliment. So, no, I'll take it. I'll take it,” said the 48-year-old.

Kate stated, “We do, yeah. I say, Oh, thank you so much.' And they say, ‘Loved you in Elizabeth,’ and I say, 'Thank you. That's so kind.' And she gets the same thing, where people will say to her, 'Loved you in Sense and Sensibility,' or 'Loved you in Titanic.' So, yeah, it happens.”

Last week, Kate and Cate appeared on The Graham Norton Show, explaining how they're frequently mistaken for each other.

Cate disclosed, “I get it all they time. People will say, 'Is it you? Is it you?' and I say, 'Yes, I think so.' And then they say, 'I loved you in Titanic.’”

Earlier, The Reader actress talked about media scrutiny especially after the release of James Cameron movie in 1997.

Kate told PORTER, “I felt like I had to look a certain way, or be a certain thing, and because media intrusion was so significant at that time, my life was quite unpleasant.”

“Journalists would always say, ‘After Titanic, you could have done anything and yet you chose to do these small things’ … and I was like, ‘Yeah, you bet your life I did! Because, guess what? Being famous was horrible,’” added the actress.

Meanwhile, The Regime will premiere on March 3 on HBO and streaming on Max.