WhatsApp to start suggesting Channels based on relevance — What does it means for users?

WhatsApp's recommendation of similar channels is believed to help users find their preferred places

By Web Desk
February 27, 2024
A display of the WhatsApp logo on a smartphone. — AFP/File

Since its launch, WhatsApp's Channels feature has shown increasing promise and has been giving consumers a more tailored experience as the app will shortly begin to recommend a list of related channels based on their relevance and similarity to other channels that are already available.

There are rumours that WhatsApp is developing a new feature that would assist users in finding fresh content that might be relevant to their interests by suggesting channels that are similar to one another. Many users may be unaware of all the WhatsApp channels that suit their interests.


WhatsApp will therefore assist users in finding a greater variety of content that they would find interesting and relevant by recommending related channels.

It will, however, offer a list of related channels based on user relevance if they decide to follow a new channel or access the details of one they already follow.

It's important to note that suggestions will only come from verified channels, guaranteeing that users are receiving information from reliable sources.

Concurrently, these recommendations are made based more on channel content similarity than on user interest-based personalised algorithms.

As a result, the ability to recommend comparable channels is now being worked on and will be made available in a later version of WhatsApp.