Two youths shot dead in Korangi on Sunday night declared robbers by police

By Our Correspondent
February 27, 2024
A representational image of Karachi police personnel passing on police vehicles in Karachi. — AFP/File

Two young men who were shot dead by a citizen in the Korangi area on Sunday night have been declared robbers by the police.

The incident took place within the limits of the Zaman Town police station in Korangi. Police said both the suspects killed in the incident were robbers and they had been identified.


Following their killings, three FIRs were registered. One of them was registered on the complaint of Abdul Ahad, the citizen who shot them dead. In the FIR No 194/24, Ahad stated that he was talking on his mobile phone outside his house when four armed suspects arrived on two motorcycles and snatched his mobile phone and wallet.

The citizen said that while the suspects were trying to flee, he took out his weapon to shoot them. “When I took out my licensed pistol, one suspect fired at me,” he said, adding that he fired 11 to 12 shots at them resulting in the deaths of two suspects on one of the motorcycles. The other two suspects riding the second motorcycle fled the scene, Ahad stated.

After the killings, the Zaman Town police arrived at the scene and found a pistol on one of the deceased suspects. During the search of the killed suspect, a wallet containing a company card with the name of Abdul Rahman and a mobile phone were found. The police seized the weapon and the belongings.

Another FIR No 193/24 was registered on the complaint of a citizen Babar Hussain who said he had been robbed by those suspects. "I and my elder brother Waqar Hussain were sitting outside our house," the text reads. "Four armed suspects riding two motorcycles snatched two mobile phones from us and fled.”

The third FIR No 195/24 was registered over the recovery of weapon. Police said one of the complainants, Babar, had also identified the killed suspects. According to police, he stated that those were the same men who robbed him and his brother half an hour before the killings.

The deceased suspects were identified as 18-year-old Abdul Khaliq and 23-year-old Abdur Rahman. Khaliq's family claimed that he had left home to go to a graveyard on Shab-e-Barat when he was shot. His father stated, "As soon as we received the information, I went to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre where police told us that they had brought him from a road."

Police said a post-mortem examination was carried out on Khaliq’s body but the heirs of Rahman refused to allow a post-mortem examination.

Khaliq had eight bullet wounds in various parts of his body while signs of three gunshot wounds were visible on Rahman's body. Rahman was a student of grade 11 and worked in a garment factory.

His two brothers were Imam in a mosque in Landhi. The deceased youths were close friends and residents of Jumma Goth. Abdul Rahim, brother of Khaliq, said he and Khaliq had planned to go for Umrah on March 5. Police said they were carrying out further investigations.