CDA signs agreement to digitise car parking

By Muhammad Anis
February 27, 2024
Vehicles stand in the grounds of a school for members of polling staff to carry polling material for the general election, in Islamabad on February 7, 2024. — Online

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Monday signed an agreement with a private firm to digitise car parking facilities in Islamabad on revenue sharing basis.

The agreement was signed between the two sides in the light of a decision taken at 9th meeting of the CDA Board in October, last year. As per agreement, the installation of the latest parking equipment and the latest parking management system will be introduced in all car parking lots of Islamabad city. Similarly in this project, the implementation of automatic and smart parking system at all parking sites of Islamabad is also included.


It should be noted that in the bidding process, eight firms submitted technical and financial proposals in November last and the financial bids were opened on January 9. According to the agreement, 25% of the revenue received for parking will be given to M/S AJCL while 75% of the revenue will be given to CDA.

With the modern and smart parking system, not only the residents of Islamabad will get rid of problems like traffic jams, but there are also strong possibilities of boosting the economy with this good initiative, an official of CDA said.