European leaders reaffirm support for Ukraine in embassy gathering

By Our Correspondent
February 27, 2024

Islamabad: In a gathering hosted at the Poland Embassy in Islamabad, European heads of state and government, including the German chancellor and the Polish president, reiterated their unwavering solidarity with Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict. Emphasising the defence of sovereignty and international law, they denounced Russian aggre­ssion and vowed continued support for Ukraine.

The file photo of the Poland Embassy in Islamabad bathed in the colours of the Ukraine flag. — x/PLinPakistan

The leaders highlighted the sacrifices of Ukrainians and condemned the catastrophic consequences of the conflict, rejecting any notion of ‘Ukraine fatigue’ propagated by Russian propaganda. They stressed the unity among European nations in supporting Ukraine and pledged to bolster assistance for its defence efforts.

Reflecting on historical lessons, particularly pertinent for the Weimar Triangle countries, the leaders cautioned against the short-term gains of aggression, emphasising its ultimate failure. Their gathering in Islamabad symbolizes a global stance against the use of force and reaffirms support for Ukraine's resilience in the face of adversity.