US envoy advocates for diversity and inclusivity at USAID’s conference

By Jamila Achakzai
February 27, 2024

Islamabad:United States Ambassador Blome delivered a stirring address at the Breaking Barriers Through Diversity and Inclusivity Conference, emphasising the pivotal role of diversity in driving progress and innovation. With representatives from US minority-serving institutions and the All-Pakistan Women Universities Consortium in attendance, Ambassador Blome highlighted the significance of embracing differences as both a moral imperative and a strategic necessity.

United States Ambassador Blome delivered a stirring address at the Breaking Barriers Through Diversity and Inclusivity Conference in Islamabad. — APP File

"Diversity is our strength," declared Ambassador Blome, echoing President Biden's sentiment, as he underscored the importance of celebrating various forms of diversity, including regional, cultural, linguistic, and gender diversity. Particularly emphasising the empowerment of women, Ambassador Blome emphasised that it transcends gender issues; it is a human rights imperative and an economic necessity. The conference also saw discussions on the crucial role of women in promoting peace and stability, with Ambassador Blome citing studies showing that women's involvement in peace processes leads to more durable agreements. He reaffirmed the United States' commitment to supporting Pakistan in advancing diversity across various sectors, including education, healthcare, and economic development.

Furthermore, Ambassador Blome highlighted the conference's focus on inclusive approaches to climate resilience and women's empowerment and entrepreneurship. He emphasised the importance of collaboration between American and Pakistani universities in addressing climate change and disaster management, acknowledging the unique contributions of Pakistani women in crafting solutions to these challenges.

In closing, Ambassador Blome commended the participants for their commitment to creating a more inclusive society and urged them to translate discussions into tangible actions. He expressed optimism that initiatives like this conference would bring about transformative change and lead to a future where everyone is included in solving global challenges.

The conference outcomes are eagerly awaited, with expectations high for potential breakthroughs arising from collaborative efforts between American and Pakistani universities. As the world grapples with complex issues, such initiatives serve as beacons of hope for a more inclusive and equitable future.