Prince Harry, Meghan Markle moving towards ‘sleepless nights’?

Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir ‘Spare’ revelations are causing problems in U.S. life

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle facing U.S. Visa issues

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may soon be deprived of a good night’s sleep.

With Harry’s right to privacy being out in trial, the Prince’s U.S. visa is going to be inquired in order to know of any lies told during application.


The Heritage Foundation demands that the Duke of Sussex’s application be made public, revealing his answers. This happened because of his self-admitted drug use, which he mentioned in his 2023 memoir Spare.

“Harry could be in big trouble with this Visa issue,” royal expert Tom Quinn told Daily Express US.

“He is so used to living in a world where the normal rules don’t apply to him because he’s a member of the royal family, that it would not have occurred to him when he wrote his book that the revelations about drug-taking could have any implication for his status in the United States,” the expert added.

“We are not going to know until the judge makes some kind of a decision, but Harry and Meghan will be having sleepless nights over this,” he went on.

The case would not serve to pass a ruling on Prince Harry’s residence in the U.S., rather it will decide if the Department of Homeland Security should reveal the answers he provided in his visa application or not.