Glen Powell’s honest response on doing a movie with Sydney Sweeney

Glen Powell also shares about his upcoming projects at SAG Awards

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024
Glen Powell shares his reaction on doing a movie with Sydney Sweeney

Glen Powell has recently revealed he and his Anyone But You co-star Sydney Sweeney may appear together in a new project in the future.

Speaking on Variety’s On the Carpet at the SAG Awards over the weekend, Powell responded to a question about his rom-com projects if any with Sweeney.


Powell said, “When you find somebody that you really jive with, Sydney is so easy to work with and so fun. We’re definitely trying to find the next thing.”

“Please send us all the scripts you got. You know we’re here for it. It’s been really wonderful to read a lot,” he continued.

Gushing over the Euphoria actress, Powell explained, “Sydney reads everything, by the way, and in record time. She’s the fastest reader I think I’ve ever met.”

Powell mentioned it took him a “little longer” to read the script.

However, the Top Gun: Maverick actor pointed out, “We’re reading everything and just trying to see what makes sense, what we can turn into something that audiences are going to respond to.”

Meanwhile, Powell has several projects in the pipeline including Twisters which will be directed by Lee Isaac Chung.

“I met with Lee Isaac Chung and met with Daisy Edgar-Jones and had a great chemistry with Daisy and she’s sensational and we just have such a great vibe in this movie,” disclosed the actor.

Powell added, “We have [Steven] Spielberg’s and Chris Nolan’s visual effects and special effects team, we have the best of the best in terms of department heads on this thing. The movie is going to be spectacular.”