Blake Lively spills secret to 12-year marriage with Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively explains what she and Ryan Reynolds follow to make their marriage work

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024
Blake Lively reflects on one rule she and Ryan Reynolds follow to make their marriage work

Blake Lively has recently spilled the secret to her 12-year marriage with Ryan Reynolds.

Speaking on the latest episode of Amber Tamblyn's Substack show Further Ado, per Entertainment Tonight, Lively revealed the significance of work-life balance to make their marriage work.


“When Ryan and I got together, we made a rule not to work at the same time,” said the Gossip Girl alum.

Lively mentioned, “So that we could always prioritise our personal life.”

“That takes working really hard when we're not,” stated the Green Lantern actress.

Lively added, “Just like financial planning and sustaining that — it takes balance.”

Lively, who shares four children with Reynolds, pointed out that she was “used to working hard and going and going and going and going and not stopping”.

“Especially, Gossip Girl was six years of my life, and we were sometimes shooting three episodes at once,” she added.

Earlier in October interview with PEOPLE, Reynolds shared how he and Lively discussed about “self-awareness” to their four children.

“I think it’s more about talking to them about everything,” stated the Deadpool star.

Reynolds pointed out, “It’s genuine when I say I take a huge interest in their days and how things are going.”

“For me, the best time of my day is walking them to school and walking them back,” he added.