USC unveils generous price cuts during Ramazan

February 26, 2024

Islamabad: In a commendable move to assist its valued customers during the upcoming month of Ramazan, the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has taken a stride toward affordability.

People can be seen shopping for commodities in this photo. — APP/File

The reduction in prices encompassed a variety of essential items, including ghee, cooking oil, tea, and other everyday necessities, the spokesman said on Sunday.

He said that the prices of various branded ghee and cooking oils have witnessed a notable decrease, ranging from Rs4 to a substantial Rs100 per kilogram. Similarly, branded tea, a staple in many households, is now available at a reduced cost, with a significant Rs100 off on the 800-gram packs.

Noteworthy among the price adjustments is Dalda Cooking Oil, which can now be purchased at a discounted rate of Rs508, down from the previous Rs523. Other branded ghee and cooking oils are also being offered at highly competitive prices compared to the general market rates, he added. The relief doesn’t stop at kitchen essentials, beyond ghee, cooking oil, and tea, prices of other daily-use items have been slashed, making them considerably more affordable than prevailing in market, he added.

He further emphasized that as part of its ongoing commitment to customer welfare, the Utility Stores Corporation is set to launch a Ramadan relief package next month. This initiative is expected to bring about further reductions in prices, ensuring that customers can celebrate the holy month without bearing the burden of inflated costs. The Utility Stores Corporation has a track record of being proactive in providing relief to its esteemed customers.

This latest endeavour aligns with its mission to make essential commodities more accessible, particularly during times when communities come together to observe religious and cultural traditions. Finally, the Utility Stores Corporation’s recent price adjustments stand as a beacon of relief for consumers gearing up for Ramadan. With an array of essential items becoming more affordable, the corporation continues to play a pivotal role in supporting households and ensuring that economic considerations don’t impede the spirit of communal celebrations.