10 held in crackdown on kite flying

February 26, 2024

Islamabad:In response to Deputy Commissioner Islamabad’s directive, Assistant Commissioners across the city on Sunday initiated a comprehensive crackdown on kite flying, targeting various areas under their jurisdiction.

A Pakistani boy flies a kite on the roof of a mosque during sunset in Pakistan. — AFP/File

The Assistant Commissioner City, accompanied by the Abpara Police Station team, took action against kite-flying enthusiasts. During the action, ten individuals engaged in kite trading were apprehended, and a significant haul of kites, metal ropes, and other paraphernalia used in the potentially dangerous activity was seized. A strict crackdown against this illicit activity was underway.

Simultaneously, the Assistant Commissioner of Industrial Area Awaid Irshad Bhatti led a targeted operation resulting in the arrest of four individuals involved in kite-related activities. The offenders were promptly transferred to the police station for further legal proceedings. Speaking on behalf of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), the official spokesperson conveyed the Deputy Commissioner’s message.

It was emphasized that Section 144 is in effect, explicitly instructing authorities to swiftly act against both kite players and sellers, with the mandate to detain them immediately. The Deputy Commissioner issued a plea to the citizens of Islamabad and parents alike, urging them to dissuade their children from participating in kite-flying. The warning highlighted the potential risks, including the threat to lives and damage to electrical installations.

The announcement made it clear that legal action would be taken against anyone found violating these directives. The Deputy Commissioner’s call for action stems from the inherent dangers associated with kite-flying, including the risk of causing harm to individuals and disrupting vital infrastructure. The stringent measures implemented are aimed at safeguarding the well-being of the community and maintaining public safety.

The recent arrests underscore the authorities'' commitment to enforcing the ban on kite-flying, a pursuit that poses not only immediate dangers but also has the potential to cause long-term harm to both individuals and public property. The ongoing crackdown is indicative of a proactive stance by the local administration in curbing this perilous activity. By swiftly responding to instances of kite-flying and apprehending those involved, the authorities aim to send a clear message that such activities will not be tolerated.

As the city grapples with this issue, the importance of community cooperation cannot be overstated. The parents are urged to play a pivotal role in dissuading their children from engaging in this hazardous pastime. The risks associated with kite-flying extend beyond personal safety, impacting the broader community and its vital infrastructure.

The comprehensive crackdown on kite flying in Islamabad reflects a concerted effort by the local administration to address a potentially dangerous activity. Through the strict enforcement of Section 144, authorities aim to create a safer environment for the citizens of Islamabad while emphasizing the collective responsibility of the community in ensuring public well-being.