Affordable education

By News Desk
February 26, 2024

The escalating prices of textbooks have become a growing concern in Pakistan, significantly impacting access to education, especially for low-income individuals. Textbooks are fundamental tools for learning, providing essential knowledge and information to students of all ages.


The ongoing surge in textbook prices has exacerbated the financial burden on families already struggling to make ends meet amidst high inflation rates. For many individuals living below the poverty line, the soaring costs of textbooks have placed further strain on their limited resources, making it increasingly difficult to afford these educational materials. The inability to purchase essential textbooks not only hinders educational opportunities but also perpetuates cycles of poverty and inequality within society.

Access to quality education is a fundamental right that should not be compromised due to financial constraints. Investing more in education and making textbooks more affordable for all segments of society is crucial for fostering national development and progress. Access to quality education not only empowers individuals to improve their livelihoods but also contributes to economic growth and social stability.

Talal Rafiq Rind