Kareena Kapoor talks about regrets over missing son Jeh's first concert: 'my guilt'

Kareena Kapoor disclosed that her elder son Taimur comprehends her need to work

By Anika Khan
February 25, 2024
Kareena Kapoor opens up about feeling guilty over missing Jeh's debut concert

Kareena Kapoor has expressed experiencing a lot of guilt as she couldn't be there to witness the first concert of her son Jeh Ali Khan.

During her appearance at the ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit, the 43-year-old actress emphasized the importance of being present for her son's milestones and expressed uncertainty about whether Jeh will remember her absence.


The Jab We Met star said, "Of course like there was a lot of guilt that I couldn't be there for Jeh's first concert, but then I kind of tell myself that I know I will be there when he'll perform next year. And it's more for me at this age. You know, because he's he's three."

"It's it's my guilt! It's like I need to be there for my joy to see what he does because I don't know if he'll remember it. So I have to, you know, you have to talk to yourself, convince yourself saying that it's okay," she added.

"Because somewhere I feel that I can't live this guilt of 'I'm not going to be there at certain times' or 'at all times' and I'm not there 24 hours because being at work or being a working mother is something that I can't live without either. I don't know anything without that."

She also revealed that maybe her elder son Taimur understands if she's going to work.

Kareena went on to say, "I feel Taimur understands that when I say I'm going to work I'm going to shooting. I also feel it's a healthy atmosphere for him to see that his mother as well as his father go to work."

She continued, "They take turns and who's probably going to be there at home. I think it will give him a lot of very balanced approach to, growing up and knowing how to respect a woman a lot more."