Dangerous parts of Pindi streets

By Our Correspondent
February 25, 2024

Visit any street in Rawalpindi city, you will find a precarious portion there. One can see some parts of the streets have concrete raised areas. Some people feel that engineering or creative whiz kids must have had a positive objective for raising these areas several inches above the ground however it is just the opposite.

A rickshaw is seen passing over a speedbreaker in Pakistan. — Facebook/Cantonment Board Hyderabad - CBH

“People of advanced age fall. I know of at least two such cases. I also know that such a fall could result in a broken hip and that could lead to a long stay in a nursing home or even the death of an older person,” says Munawwar Ali.

“Being a resident of Shah Khalid Colony, what upsets me is the difference in the level of the streets. In the rainy season, it leads to the accumulation of rainwater. People commuting in this colony find their vehicles hitting a concrete raised area,” says Gohar Hussain.

“Some parts of the colony streets have concrete raised areas, a move, which is highly disturbing for the commuters. I have shot off a message to the concerned department, seeking their removal but of no avail,” adds Gohar.

“I know in at least one of the cases, the concerned department suggested to the complainant that the proper time to complain would have been before the plans were implemented. That was the right time to complain, said the concerned department,” says Alamdar Naqvi.

“The concerned department should have known that people do not go to read the detailed plans that would show a concrete raised area that will trip old ladies and send them to the hospital,” adds Alamdar.

“Shabbar Ali and Anwer Ali, who are brothers and reside in Shah Khalid Colony, say, “The concrete raised areas at some locations are about half a foot above the rest of the road. Some people have complained to the concerned department that having these raised portions of the road is a big mistake as they damage vehicles.”

“Although the colony bazaar road is narrow and fit for driving for two-wheelers only, however, various kinds of vehicles like vans, trucks, dumpers, wagons, Suzukis, coaches, and water tankers are seen creating difficulties for the pedestrians mostly for school girls and boys, and for the women gone for shopping there along with their kids,” add Ali brothers.