Christopher Nolan receives honour at 49th France César Awards

Christopher Nolan reveals he has a special place for France in his heart, details inside

By Web Desk
February 24, 2024
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Christopher Nolan has recently been honoured with César award at the 49th edition of France’s top movie awards on February 23.

On Friday, the Oppenheimer director was reportedly accompanied by producer and wife Emma Thomas at the event.


Marion Cotillard, who appeared in Nolan’s Inception and Dark Knight Rises, presented the movie-maker with the award.

Nolan has a strong fanbase in France as his movie, Inception sold five million tickets and grossed at $40 million, while Dunkirk made around $20 million at the box office.

While delivering his acceptance speech, Nolan shared he had a “special place in his heart” because it was the one of the first countries to show his first movie and also his second, Memento.

The director stated, “No-one in the world wanted to show it but Philippe Hellmann at UGC decided it at the Grand Rex and the success it had there changed my life… ever since I have had a great appreciation for the French audience and distributors.”

Nolan also pointed out that his movie, Interstellar received a 70mm screening, at the Paris Grand Rex cinema by bringing a projector from Normandy and even seats to accommodate it.

“When I asked how long it was to run in that format, they said it was just for the premiere,” he recalled.

Not only that, Nolan mentioned that the “cinema had also laid on 70mm screenings for Oppenheimer”.

“When I tell them this story in Hollywood to shame them and to encourage this type of respect they don’t believe me,” he added.