ARL launches spring plantation drive

February 24, 2024

Rawalpindi: Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) in collaboration with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Rawalpindi, Punjab launched spring plantation drive-2024 at ARL’s Nature Reserve at Shahpur, says a press release.

Active pump jacks increase pressure to draw oil toward the surface at the South Belridge Oil Field on February 26, 2022, — AFP

The primary objective of this event was to raise awareness about deforestation and various ecological concerns linked with it. The chief guest, Deputy Director EPA Rawalpindi inaugurated the plantation drive. Officials from EPA Rawalpindi, Punjab and ARL’s Management participated in the event. This is a step forward of ARL’s commitment regarding environmental protection and biodiversity.

Ten to twelve thousand healthy plant saplings are being planted by ARL each year. Representatives of EPA appreciated the ARL’s endeavors and have assured their full support for such activities.