Basant celebrated despite ban, 187 arrested

February 24, 2024

Rawalpindi: Basant was celebrated here on Thursday night and Friday in different city areas despite a ban, while police arrested 187 kite flyers and sellers and recovered over 7,400 kites and around 300 kite flying string rolls from their possession.

Youths are flying kites as they celebrate the Basant Festival to welcome Spring Season, at Sadiqabad in Rawalpindi on February 23, 2024. — PPI

According to a police spokesman, the police managed to arrest 81 kite flying ban violators on Thursday night and recovered over 4400 kites, 104 string rolls, sound system, weapons and other items. He informed that 106 accused were sent behind the bars on Friday and police seized over 3000 kites and dozens of kite flying string rolls.

More than 600 accused were arrested and more than 61,000 kites and around 1200 string rolls were recovered during this season.

Rattaamral, Pirwadhai, R. A. Bazar, New Town, Sadiqabad, Airport, Westridge, Naseerabad, City and Waris Khan police conducted raids in their respective jurisdiction and netted kite flyers and sellers, he added. The police had warned of strict action but the enthusiasts celebrated the basant.