Prince Harry, Meghan Markle to face 'sleepless nights' amid complex US visa court case

In his 2023 memoir Spare, the father-of-two admitted he had taken drugs

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
Royal expert said Harry and Meghan will be having sleepless nights over visa case

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may face significant challenges as his US visa application undergoes thorough examination, a royal expert has claimed.

TheDuke of Sussex’s visa application is to be addressed during a trial in the US, after the conservative think-tank The Heritage Foundation demanded Harry’s application be made public to reveal his answers to questions regarding his drug use.


In his 2023 memoir Spare,the father-of-twoadmitted he had taken drugs, and the think tank has taken the case to court in an effort to uncover if the prince was truthful about his past during his application.

While the case will not decide if Harry can stay in the US, it will determine whether he received special treatment from the Department of Homeland Security over the answers in his visa application.

Royal expert Tom Quinn said Harry “could be in big trouble” with the impending court case, and any revelation about drug-taking in his book “could have any implication for his status in the United States.”

“He is so used to living in a world where the normal rules don’t apply to him because he’s a member of the royal family,” he toldthe Daily Express.

“We are not going to know until the judge makes some kind of a decision, but Harry and Meghan will be having sleepless nights over this.”

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The case will be tried in Washington D.C., and the Heritage Foundation is trying to prove to a judge that Harry has been given preferential treatment because of his royal status, and was approved to live in the country “under false pretences.”

The organisation also questioned if his visa application should have been approved as a “non-royal” would not have been given the same treatment.