King Charles decides on Prince Harry's return to royal family

King Charles makes decision on Harry's return to the royal fold

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
King Charles informs William of his decision about Harry's possible return to royal family

King Charles III has made final decision on Prince Harry's return to the royal family amid speculations about the Duke's possible return to the Firm.

The 75-year-old King has already informed his eldest son William of his decision regarding Harry's possible plan to help the monarchy as part time working royal.


The Duke of Sussex, who made a brief trip to the UK to see his father King Charles following the monarch's cancer diagnosis, expressed his willingness to revisit and reunite his family, even saying that family stay united in hour of need.

King Charles has a big choice to make about his son Prince Harry after they saw each other for a short time following the monarch's cancer diagnosis.

The King and Harry's brief interaction gave birth to several questions about the Duke's return to the family, with some speculating that Harry might return to royal work again for a brief period because of his dad's sickness.

Sources told the Daily Mail: "Have the King and Harry been speaking? Yes. Does this mean a return to the fold even temporarily? No."

The sources claim the King doesn't plan to let the Duke start working again as one said: "Apart from a few investitures, the King doesn't plan to give many duties to other family members while he's having treatment."

Sources close to Charles, claimed that the warm meeting hasn't changed things, with the King "firmly of the opinion" there is no way back to the royal fold for Harry. However, the King would be open to fixing his strained relationship with his son.

The members royal family are in "solid agreement" that the "Sandringham Summit" be upheld, after the late Queen said in January 2020 that any "half-in, half-out" approach by Harry simply couldn't work.