Prince William stops Prince Harry's bid to return to royal fold

Prince Harry knows William is 'big hurdle' in his way to the Palace

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024

Prince William, who's very protective of his wife Kate Middleton, is said to be the main hurdle in Prince Harry's way to the Palace.

The Princes of Wales reportedly shattered the Duke's dream to return to the royal family as the heir to the throne has lost his trust in younger brother Harry.


The future King has reportedly banned it from happening in order to protect his sweet wife Princess Kate from the Sussexes.

"Prince William has his own private turmoil. He knows his brother well and certainly won't allow him to breeze back into the family as he doesn't trust him," Helena Chard told Fox News.

"Prince William is also hugely protective of [his wife] Catherine, the Princess of Wales, and will not let anything interfere with her recuperation."

The two brothers are at loggerheads since Harry's exit from the royal family in 2020. William even stopped talking to Harry after his allegations in Spare.

"There's one huge obstacle in Harry's way, and that's Prince William," Kinsey Schofield also told the same outlet.

"Harry will not be allowed to return in any capacity if Prince William has any influence over the situation. William understands that Harry and Meghan don't properly consider the consequences and aren't trustworthy. They are a liability to the family," the expert added.

Another expert claimed the King is working on his succession planning, but it's being kept "highly secret" from his son Prince Harry.

The King's illness is believed to have led to the planning which centres around his son Prince William, royal expert and author Tom Quinn told The Mirror.

Harry, who is fifth in-line to the throne, express his desire to reunite his family in latest interview after his touching gesture to reach out to reconnect with King Charles following his cancer diagnosis, offering to make himself available to help the monarch in need of hour.