Harry, Meghan Markle risk turning royal family into Kardashian-esque 'circus'

Prince Harry has been warned against bringing Meghan Markle to visit King Charles in the UK

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could entirely change the outlook of British monarchy should they are allowed to resume their royal duties again.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will risk incitement of a Kardashian-esque carnival should they both return.


He also expressed certainty over Harry’s prospective return to his home country, aligning with the former royal’s recent declaration in the interview with Good Morning America that he will visit his family “as much as I can”.

Fitzwilliams weighed in on the possibility of the parents of two starting afresh with the royal family after a tumultuous four years following their royal exit in 2020.

“Harry's visit wasn't insincere in terms of wanting to see his family, but it's absolutely out of the question they could resume royal duties while members of the royal family don't trust them because of the way they have behaved,” the royal commentator said.

“Just hypothetically, assume the situation was such that the royal family felt they could do with a bit of help if Harry, by one reason or another, did undertake duties: it would become a strange circus because the world's media would be covering it,” he explained.

“The monarchy has to have cache. The Kardashians, and I am not comparing them directly, do not have cache.”

“There has to be an amount of that for the family to be taken seriously. There wouldn't be if Harry and Meghan returned. It's a non-starter,” Fitzwilliams added.