VIDEO: Kevin Durant gets verbally abused by Dallas Maverick fans

Phoenix Suns player Kevin Durant is a two-time NBA champion and former MVP

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
Phoenix Suns team player and former MVP, Kevin Durant is on the field. — AFP/File

Basketball player Kevin Durant got into an altercation with two drunk Dallas Mavericks supporters on Thursday night after they verbally abused him as he went onto the field, Sportskeeda reported.

Durant, a two-time National Basketball Association (NBA) champion and former Most Valued Player (MVP), was in Texas with his Phoenix Suns team as the basketball season resumed following the All-Star break.


A couple of rows away from the floor, two spectators yelled at Durant as the players emerged to warm up with the almost empty crowd.

In the video that’s gone viral on the internet, the two fans can be heard abusing the former Golden State Warriors player as he went onto the floor in the altercation captured on camera.

Kevin Durant gets verbally abused by Dallas Maverick fans. — X/JonahJaved

Durant immediately turned around to confront the man and woman, who were both holding beers and said, "What?"

As he approached them, the female fan, smiling widely, held out her hand to shake Durant's as if nothing had occurred.

Though it's hard to hear what Durant replies to the couple, he is understandably incensed by their remarks and refuses to accept her hand.

The smiling man noticed Durant was irritated, so he attempted to defuse the situation by apologising.

Not expecting Durant to respond to their taunts, the embarrassed pair attempted to downplay their comment and began to tell him a story about a dead relative and the man's sports podcast.