Yao Ming's daughter already towering in height at 13 in viral photos

Intrigued by height of Yao Ming's daughter Amy as shown in viral photos and videos, online community is buzzing with speculation about her future plans

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
via Weibo, 随心自然 / YouTube

The daughter of basketball legend Yao Ming and former Chinese women's national team player Ye Li, has become the talk of the town due to her remarkable height.

Known as Amy, 13-year-old Yao Qinlei, standing at nearly 190 centimeters (about 6 feet, 2 inches), is captivating netizens with her towering presence, raising questions about whether she will follow in her parents' towering footsteps.


Amy's height became evident in Shanghai, where she was spotted strolling with her family, drawing attention not only for her impressive stature but also for the possibility of surpassing her mother, Ye Li, who stands at 190.5 centimeters (6 feet, 3 inches).

Viral photos and videos on Weibo showcase Amy towering over her grandmother and even reaching the chest of her father, the renowned 7 feet and 6 inches (229 centimeters) tall Yao Ming.

Born in Houston on May 21, 2010, Amy's height was apparent from an early age, with reports noting that she was already around 5 feet and 2 inches (157.48 centimeters) tall at the age of 7. The question arises whether this impressive stature will lead her to follow her father's path in basketball, considering Yao Ming's iconic career in the NBA and Ye Li's representation of China in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Yao Ming, known for his towering presence on the NBA court, underlined the importance of sports in his daughter's life. In a 2013 interview, he expressed his belief that team sports provide valuable lessons in communication, leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

"I believe that team sports teach you communication, leadership, teamwork and physical health, obviously, and also how you face frustration from when you lose," Yao Ming stated.

Weibo users have been quick to express their amazement at Amy's height, with one user highlighting the strength of genetics in the Ming family, stating, "the genetics in their family are too strong."

Comments also poured in regarding the height of Amy's grandmother, with one user humorously lamenting, "I'm not as tall as her grandma."