Prioritize the people

By News Desk
February 23, 2024

In the aftermath of the general election, the process of forming a new government is nearing completion. Elected politicians from various political parties are gearing up to assume their roles, but the political landscape is marred by controversy. On one side, the victorious parties are eager to take charge, while on the other, the aggrieved parties are vehemently protesting, claiming irregularities in the electoral process. This political turmoil has left the Pakistani nation in a state of confusion, with citizens anxiously awaiting a resolution to the ongoing dispute.


Adding to the complexity of the situation is the economic hardship faced by the people of Pakistan. Inflation has reached alarming levels and the people are finding it increasingly challenging to make ends meet. The uncertainty surrounding the political scenario further exacerbates the economic woes of the nation. The delay in the formation of a stable government prolongs the implementation of essential economic policies and reforms, leaving the people in a state of limbo. Amidst this turmoil, the citizens of Pakistan are expressing their collective desire for the incoming government to prioritize the well-being of the people, especially the middle classes.

Syed Oun Abbas