Pakistan assures no third party to supply Pak arms to Ukraine: Russia

During a press briefing in Islamabad, the Russian ambassador said that Moscow hopes that Pakistan will continue to follow its policy

By Agencies
February 22, 2024
Flags of Pakistan and Russia. — Radio Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Albert Khorev has said that Islamabad has assured Moscow that no third party would supply Pakistani arms to Ukraine.


During a press briefing in Islamabad, the Russian ambassador said that Moscow hopes that Pakistan will continue to follow its policy.

He said the information given by the media about the supply of Pakistani arms to Ukraine through a third country has not been confirmed. He said that the West could not see good relations between Pakistan and Russia.

The Russian ambassador, on the 10th anniversary of the revolt in Ukraine, held a briefing and answered questions from the Pakistani media on the situation around the conflict in Ukraine.

He said they are grateful to the government of Pakistan that they wanted an independent approach towards the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He said this is the reason that Pakistan did not participate in anti-Russia voting in the United Nation the other day.

From the very start of the conflict, Russia tried to sort out the conflict through developing consensus, he said.

He said that despite this Ukraine imposed a restriction on consultation with Russia and until Ukraine removes this restriction and shows seriousness towards the issue, the solution of the conflict is not possible.

In Ukraine, the US army is involved in secret activities which must be investigated, he said and added that Americans have also been involved in army-related experiments. He said there is no duration or deadline of ending the Russian armed operation. He said, “We appeal to the media to do impartial reporting on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.”

Ten years ago, the situation in Ukraine could be controlled but the West supported extremist elements in the country. On Feb 21, 2014, the president of Ukraine signed an agreement with the opposition leaders for sorting out the political crisis and establishing a government with national harmony. Its purpose was also to make constitutional amendments and after this holding general elections.

Despite all this, the next day the opposition announced the resignation of the president and making government while putting aside Constitution, whereas the US and so-called guarantor countries, including the European Union, ignored it and adversely supported it. It laid the foundation of anarchy and division in the local population. A number of areas of Ukraine were not ready to be governed by the new Russia anti-government.

Moreover, he said, it is expected that Pakistan will continue its policy towards the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and it is a fact that the West could not see good relations of Pakistan and Russia. He said that during the visit of former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Russia started its operation in Ukraine after which Khan was removed from his position, but it is Pakistan’s internal issue.